miércoles, julio 19, 2006

San Francisco (Part 1)

So, here's the thing. I met Malia while I was in Paris as an exchange student last year. After that, she promised she would come to Mexico -which she did- at the beginning of this year and after that it was my turn to visit her.

What did we do? Well, lots lots of cool things. The very first day I arrived we went to Berkeley (yeah, were the university is) to walk by "Telegraph" where I bought my SHISHA (or HOOKAH)! Yeah baby, yeah! Don't worry my dear friends, I'll use it with flavored tobacco, not that greeny plant you all love. Really cool area, truly an student city...students everywhere, therefore cool bars I suppose. It was too early to go to them, though...hehe AND summer holidays, lets not forget. After that, a cool dinner at her place and just chill out.

The second day we headed to San Francisco directly, hehe. We took the ferry from Alameda (M's hometown) to SF. We were supposedly going down near the famous Pier39... but we didn't, haha...instead of that we just, you know, wanted to make it more exciting by getting off by the 2ndPier and just have to walk 37 more! hahaha... after 9 Piers we decided just to go up in one of "bicycles" ridden by men. I was nice, however it was kinda expensive! Careful with those, $8 each! C'mon!

And he was going slow slow...in the pic you can see that the woman was going even faster than we did!!! hehehe.

Anyway, we got to Pier39, where the Fisherman's Whaldorf is. Lots of cool stores, restaurants, people. From there you can see hundreds (maybe I'm exagerating) of Sea Lions (when they are not mating, of course!), Alcatraz, and the Piers....really good place, I looooved it! Then we walked to the Ghirardelli's Chocolate factory and after that I run into a friend I hadn't see in 8 years! It was soooo weird to find him there. Anyway, we were trying to get a cab to go to China Town but instead we rented a Go-Kart kind of car with GPS included and allowed to drive everywhere! I would put it definetely as a MUST DO in SF, for $44 pero hour you have a BLAST.

People just loved us! hahaha, we were sensational (as usual, haha). We drove down to the Marina, then up to Lombard Street (yes, the crooked one), then to North Beach (Italian neighborhood), China Town and finally to Union Square.... SSSSSOOOOOOO Cool!!!

That day we went to a really good Thai Restaurant in Oakland with her mom (who is pretty cool by the way), gotta love thai!!!


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