jueves, noviembre 30, 2006

Lenguajes de programación = mujeres

Esto está hiiiiiiiiiiiiiper geek... al máximo, pero saben? Estudio ingeniería en sistemas, una vez me emocioné demasiado al descubrir las variables de sesión en PHP (sí, así como lo oyen, no es broma) así que supongo que muy en el fondo- o no tanto - tengo a una geek ahí salte y salte. Esto es una comparación de lenguages de programación y el tipo de mujer al cual se relaciona. Está gracioso, lo tengo que aceptar, y feminista no soy, así que no se me asusten. No puse la lista completa, sólo los que me parecieron más padres. Para ver la lista completa visiten este link espero que les guste:

C - A lady executive. An avid jogger, very healthy, and not too talkative. Is an good cook if you like spicy food. Unless you double check everything you say (through LINT) you can unleash her fierce temper. Her daughter C++ is still quite young and prone to tantrums, but it seems that she will grow up into a fine young woman of milder temper and more sophisticated character.

Java - Bulky with big boobs. Does everything you want but slowly. Hardly complains about how you want it in bed. The kind of woman who is not sexy, but gives you amazing satisfaction. You have tried several women, but this one doesn't get off your mind so you always go back to her.

PHP - Slick and slim lady. Very portable. Does nice and amazing things with her small body. Very good in aerobics. Not very sexy but intact. She is the kind of women that most men are happy to wed, though she will need a house maid because she is unable to carry heavy workload.

C# - The pimp from next door! She likes copying everything, from recipes to makeup to fashion. She is never original and likes to still other women's ideas, then go about shouting that the ideas are hers. Those who are not aware of her source of ideas think she is very intelligent. She is very talkative and showy. Sometimes she is very good at perfecting what she has copied.


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