jueves, julio 10, 2008

THE Hamburguers...

Le Parker Meridien
118 West 57th, New York. 10019

So, I went with my mom to NYC for mother's day. Really, I wasn't expecting this but it's NYC tradition to surprise you everytime you go there.

She began talking about this mysterious place inside a Hotel where a couple of Rastafarian served what are known as the best hamburgers in all US. I was a lil bit sceptic at the beginning, but it was all true.

On 118 West 57th, the "Le Parker Meridien" hotel hides this place.

As you walk in, you get the feeling of being in this pretentious and hip hotel... and indeed, you are! You'll find the nice cafeteria on your left and lobby/reception on your right. However, if you keep walking you eventually will see this huge tall red curtain at the end of the hall. And then, a small neon sign of a hamburguer. Nothing else, no sign, no name, anything.

You approach, you enter the little door and the end of the curtain and there they are. A small counter, the handwritten menu:

Hamburguer: $7.00
Cheeseburger: $7.50
Fries: $3.50
Soda: $2.00
Beer (tap): $5.00
Pitcher of beer: $17.00

Sales tax included, ONLY CASH.

You order, you pay and you experience how a well done burguer just melts in your mouth. In the meantime, you can see the walls signed by people (as famous and important as yourself):
PDiddy, Ashton Kutcher, Tony Parker, Heidi Klum, etc etc etc. This place is THE place. If you haven't been there go and check it out. You might encounter a huge line...even outside the red curtain.

Sun - Thurs: 11am - 11.30pm
Fri and Sat: 11am - midnight.


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