domingo, octubre 14, 2007

Google knows better

My friend Andrea just taught me a trick I wasn't aware of. Maybe 411 is helpful, but Google, definetly knows better. (I don't know if this works outside the US).

If you ever get lost or you need the address of a place, or just the phone number to call and make a reservation, you can send a text message to Google with the name and maybe the City of where is it located and you'll receive a message back with the complete address. The cost of this is like a regular text message (forget the $1.25, 411 charges).

This is how it works:

- Begin your text message with the word "Google"
- Then, type the name of the place and the city where it is.
- If you know the zipcode, the search will be more acurate.
- Send the message to GOOGLE (466453)

and ta taaaaan, you'll receive the info.

Thanks ANDY!!!


Blogger Andrea said...

Si tienes acceso a Internet lo puedes hacer gratis y en cualquier parte del mundo. Es muy práctico para buscar lo que sea cerca de tu casa.

12:09 p. m.


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